Friday, March 30, 2012

country beauty

 West Virginia's beauty takes my breath away.

The colorful fields, the blue sky, golden sun rays, green grass, and the swift waters of the Potomac.

There beauty is so stunning, I don’t even try and capture it with a picture.

Yesterday I looked out in to the field next to where I was standing, and watched the hundreds of yellow flowers sway back and forth in the wind, like they were keeping tune to the music of  world.

The stars there are unspeakable too, they light the whole night sky, along with their companion, the moon. They twinkle and shine...some even appear to be winking at me. I sit outside with my mom and brother and marvel at the hundreds of stars that can be seen and the hundreds that can’t.

God's wonder, power and love is shown everywhere- in the animals, in us, and in the world. How could any of that be an accident?


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Anonymous said...

I saw the stars and the moon last night, and it was unbelievable. God is so good.