Monday, September 9, 2013

Move Girl Move!

Six months ago I never would have dreamed I would be sitting on a porch in Gore VA. Miles away from every one I knew and loved writing on my laptop. And even as I sit here writing this blog post  it still didn't  seem real. The new house, the long driveway, the mountains that stretch in to the distance. Is it real? Yes...yes it is.

Peace and quite of the country have never been something I was  acustome to too, the sirens and sounds of cars passing had been the sounds of nature to me when I lived in the city. But now it is quite, and with the quitness comes a certain sence of lonleyness.

Every now and then I will break out in tears, overwhelmed by stress or sadness I'm not sure witch. Maybe it was the fact that I knew my BFF didn't live fifteen minutes away from me anymore. Or mabey it was the Fact that I don't have friend in the entire sate of VA! Or maybe it was the fact that I HATE change.

The only thing that has kept me going is the thought that God put me here for a reason. Whatever that reason may be I do not know, and I'm sure God will show me in his own time.

But trusting that God had me move here for the better has taken a lot of faith. I have lived in the same state, same city, same house for over nine years! The majority of my life. I knew it would hurt to pull up those roots I just didn't know it was going to hurt this much.

But this has only been the first month....with the help of God,my mom, my dad, my friends and Family I know things will get better...this is my hope....and this my prayer.


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Lisa said...

Aww, {{hugs}}! You'll do great!